Work and Money Solutions

Sometimes the place where we feel most stuck in our lives is in our relationship to our work and livelihood. Even those who may seem to have all they need to create work or financial stability, find themselves struggling as though there was a blind spot or something hidden that feels out of reach or understanding. Here again, in the Constellation work, we look to the system for clarity. Often, we can carry with us, without really knowing, some financial fate of those in our family.

Setting up a constellation you will experience, with objectivity and clear seeing, the dynamics that may be impeding the flow of financial success in your life.

Oftentimes, when money and work are acquired unjustly in previous generations, we can feel the effects by even identifying with the victims of those injustices. This is another example of an entanglement in the system that can be worked through in a Constellation.

A Constellation that specifically explores these financial and work related issues are direct and solution oriented. The experience will offer fresh solutions to what may be blocking the flow of a fulfilling and stable work experience.

What Do Constellations Offer Organizations?

Financial Counseling Over the last several years, we have discovered how the Constellation approach can help organizations grow and develop most successfully. The use of organizational constellations can reveal hidden dynamics in a way that is more clear and objective to those involved. Each organization has their own unique and complex issues: leadership, meaningful recognition of employees and even the structure itself. Using this systemic approach in your business can simplify these issues through insight and recognition of dynamics, helping to make important decisions and open new perspectives for the organization.

This approach is extremely useful for family businesses, small and medium businesses, hospitals, schools, community health centers and government and private institutions. It is particularly suitable for decision-makers, owners, consultants and employees.


  • Fast, effective identification of the source of problems in work groups or working relationships.
  • Innovative, "out-of-the-box-thinking" solutions that take the whole system into account.
  • Get to the results quickly. Test possibilities and scenarios, new products and services.
  • Will reveal the steps you need to take to reach your goals and restore productivity to your organization.
  • Leadership questions and clarifications.
  • Conflicts (between individuals and groups).
  • Behavioral patterns that burden an organization e.g. lack of respect, coalition forming, triangulation, mixing private and business.
  • Having attainable goals.
  • Marketing questions, products, relationship with clients.
  • Career questions.

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  • May 19 2018
    Family and Relational Constellation Workshop
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  • May 20 2018
    WIYS Diamond Walk Workshop
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