Path to RecoveryIn our workshops we facilitate groups of up to 25 people - singles or couples - setting up what is called a Family Constellation.

The process begins with your interest and desire. We would start with helping you to unravel, in a concise yet full way, what the issue/s are currently in your life. For example, you may be suffering with an illness or trying to find your way with your partner or struggling with your children. Perhaps its not that clear; it could be just a vague sense that life is not flowing for you or that no matter where you go or what you take on, there’s this feeling of not belonging, not being in the right place. In that case, the constellation process itself can answer questions and bring clarity.

From there, you will have an opportunity to select other workshop participants to represent your relatives, yourself and other relevant relationships depending on the issue presented.

You then would lead each representative to a place in the room, placing the family members in relation to one another, matching the inner, instinctual picture you carry of your family. The use of representatives allows for objectivity and a free and full expression in the moment.

Constellation Works






Once the constellation is established, an extraordinary phenomenon begins to emerge very quickly: each representative starts experiencing the feelings, thoughts, reactions and body sensations of the specific person they represent. This is a spontaneous process coming out of each representative's soul and heart, defying all rules of logic and reasoning yet leading to lasting solutions.


Questions to think about before a workshop

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