The Walking-in-Your-Shoes Method is an empathic way of deeply relating to one another. It's foundation is empathy. It employs the use of one's natural gift for empathy to directly experience another person without coming from intellectual conception or calling on pre-existing knowledge about the person. Its uses and benefits are many. Research has been conducted on its use in Psychotherapy between therapist and client and on its benefits for creative development in the Theater for actors, writers and directors, and also in community mediation and empowerment.

How is it done?

"Walking-In-Your-Shoes" takes place in a group setting of like-minded, caring people. The work begins when a member of the group asks to be walked.  Another member volunteers to walk as that person. The walker literally walks in the circle. The facilitator guides the walker to listen to the impulses of the bodymind and thus the walker becomes the person, reporting all their thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.  By Walking-In-Your-Shoes  the group experiences a wholeness often lost in our over-stimulated modern world.  In a typical group, each participant has the opportunity to walk and be walked.

This work is a body-based, transformational process of directly knowing oneself and others in a state of deep interconnectedness.  It mirrors gifts and talents to be developed as well as defenses to be tempered. At the heart of the process is the opportunity for us to break out of our limiting "Self-Concepts" and move into our deeper natures of love, compassion and “mirror-like wisdom.” It's about letting go, at least temporarily, of the belief we all carry that we are somehow inherently separate.

People who have been walked frequently report that they have never before felt so understood and accepted.

Upcoming Events

  • May 19 2018
    Family and Relational Constellation Workshop
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    WIYS Diamond Walk Workshop
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