The Animal Experience:

Tapping into Animal Life Through Constellation Work


In this workshop, we will introduce the process of what it means to represent an animal, including, how the process differs from representing people in a constellation. During the practice, one person is given permission to represent another person or being. WithoutConstellation Work: The animal experience knowing anything about that being or their life and experience,  the representer is able to tap into the inner experience of that being. Living as we do in a psyche that is often split between mind, body, emotion and spirit, representing an animal that might have a more unified system can be a profound experience and can facilitate a deeper understanding of ourselves as well.

Come with a question or an inquiry about your animal or just come to watch the embodied experience of your animal unfold and to participate in representing for other people and animals.

Please leave your animals at home. They need not be present in order to be represented.

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