Questions to think about before coming to the workshop

The following questions are meant to help you remember important information about your family. Only incisive facts are important. Information about character, personality or interests is not so important.

Regarding your family of origin: these questions relate to your siblings, your parents and their siblings, the grandparents and--in cases where they met a dramatic fate--they also relate to the great grandparents (e.g., death during child-birth), as well as any previous partners of your parents and grandparents.

Regarding your present family: these questions also relate to any former partners and any children from a former marriage or relationship.

What happened in your present family or your family of origin that was tragic or unusual? Did anyone:

  • die at a young age?
  • die during childbirth?
  • suffer illness or disability as a result from having given birth to a child?
  • find her life in danger during childbirth?
  • commit suicide?
  • die in action as a serviceman or servicewoman?

Did you or your family ever:

  • have a stillborn child?
  • have an abortion or a miscarriage?
  • have an illegitimate child?
  • have a child who was abandoned or given up for adoption?
  • have a former spouse, fiancé, partner or lover?
  • have a serious illness?
  • have a physical or mental disability?
  • commit a crime?
  • survive, or not survive, the Holocaust?
  • encounter prejudice?
  • live an unusual life?

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