Peter deVriesI work with individuals and couples at my offices in Mill Valley and San Francisco and different locations in the country where I give workshops and trainings. Phone and Skype session are also available. The process is very deep, and suitable for clients willing to explore trauma, the values and beliefs of surviving and coping strategies and to live life fully. The process is client-centered, which means that you define the intention of the session and then together we discover the obstacles and limitations. My job as your facilitator is to ask the right questions and listen, hold space and presence and to use representative/inquiry/perception as a means to be a fellow traveler on your healing journey.

I help to define your longing and intention and explore ways to healthy autonomy and social engagement. Together we will learn all the ways you’ve been told how you should manage your life AND what it feels like to discover what it is that you actually do want. For example, many of my clients have been taught to believe that they should be perfect, work hard and be successful, fit into the mold of happiness and money, but generally speaking, these values have been taught from the outside and have not necessarily arisen from deep within the heart of the client themselves.

For more than twenty years, I have been helping people to transform traumatic stuck-ness and entanglement and to recognize their true healthy Self as limitless, free, infinitely creative and resourceful. This is the foundation of all that is in your life. When you have this realization everything else falls into place.

I am able to help you feel into the very specific blocks which prevent you from living this realization in your day to day life.

Every time we meet, I will give you a set of practices to do. This generally takes just a few minutes a day. You’ll then report back on your progress so we can fine tune together.

Please contact me for an application to apply to work with me one on one.

Individual sessions: If this is your first time with Constellation work or with me I would suggest that you book a 2 hour first session, there after 1.5 hours is usually enough.
Couples sessions: Sessions are generally a minimum of 2 hrs. Some couples who are traveling a distance choose to have 3 hour appointment.

I invite you to apply for a free 30 min orientation session. Contact us today at 415.383.8634 or email ">


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