New to ConstellationWorks?

ConstellationWorks is a process of looking at the challenging issues in life: relationships, work, our children, even illness through the lens of the family and our ancestry. Here is an immense opportunity to find lasting solutions and end our deepest suffering by remembering our families, our ancestors, our countries, and reconnecting with their souls.

New to Constellation WorksWe have been facilitating the Constellation work for over 16 years and are continuously inspired by the depth of healing and awareness that is the essence of the Constellation approach.

It is this process of healing that we want to facilitate for you, for us. In looking at the timeless movement of the soul with complete awareness, we are able to experience freedom, full self-expression and aliveness.

ConstellationWorks offers workshops trainings and private consultations for individuals, couples and organizations who wish to find solutions to deeply felt issues about life, work and family. This work also gives therapists, health professionals, consultants and coaches a unique perspective for insight into the dynamics that impede the lives of their clients.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about how ConstellationWorks can benefit you, your family and community members, your clients and your organization.

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