Peter deVriesPeter deVries

For more than 16 years, I have been deeply immersed in the constellation approach, both as a teacher and a student. I extend heartfelt gratitude to all my teachers of this work, especially, Bert Hellinger, Hunter Beaumont, Gabrielle Borkan and Victoria Sneh Schnabel.

I am a counselor and mediator for couples, families and corporate clients and have extensive experience in the healing arts.

I have been trained in Somatic Experiencing and bring to the constellation work my understanding of the body as a vehicle for healing family and systemic trauma. As a past facilitator of the Living Essence training's, I had the opportunity to bring my skills of growth work and heart centered transformation to individuals and groups. My private practice is in the San Francisco Bay Area and I teach workshops and trainings throughout the US, Europe and the Caribbean.


My office is in Mill Valley and I can be reached at 415.383.8634

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Cara DeVriesCara deVries 

I believe in the power of relationship, of the healing potential in the healthy connection with another. I often hear this as a fundamental theme from those I work with; we connect, and through that connection comes a deeper awareness of where we are caught and how to untangle from those caught places.

I am a body centered psychotherapist, bringing in tools of trauma re-negotiation and resolution that I gratefully learned through my training in Somatic Experiencing.

Together we will discover, through the wisdom of the body and breath, your innate resiliency and capacity for wholeness.

Through my training and experience in Systemic Constellation work we can together explore the dynamics of the family in ways that foster a healthy completion with both your family of origin and current family system.

I have also worked for the last 23 years with ill and dying children and their families. My experience there deeply informed and shaped my connection to the human experience. I feel that the art of healing and its potential comes out of the continuing discovery of what we both struggle with and what gives us strength. My hope is to share in a part of those important and very human discoveries.

I have offices in Mill Valley, Kentfield and San Francisco and can be reached at 415.289.6770 or email to ">

My website: www.caradevries.com


Upcoming Events

  • May 19 2018
    Family and Relational Constellation Workshop
    New York City
  • May 20 2018
    WIYS Diamond Walk Workshop
    New York City