Enneagram and Constellation Workshop

Facilitated by Marion Gilbert and Peter deVries

Enneagram Symbol - Constellation Works


Weaving together the Constellation Work with the Enneagram Type System can facilitate an integration of the past and the present. By exploring deeply embedded patterns of our current life challenges, as well as entanglements with our family systems, we can uncover places we feel were blocked and lacked clarity.

The Enneagram is a personality system, which describes 9 personality types. It recognizes an individual’s essential nature and his/her personality with strengths and challenges based on a way of paying attention to others and oneself. As we are able to witness this process we can become aware of the way we react to life. This reaction often will inform us about our underlying core avoidances and defense mechanisms. These mechanisms become strategies we adopt in order to survive and be loved.

In forming this Group we are intending to reach people who are interested in using these two bodies of knowledge and practices for their own development. Some of the topics/questions we will explore are:


  • Who are we as we move through life with the perceptive faculties we are given?
  • How do we organize ourselves and what strategies do we use in response to what life gives us?
  • What motivates us and how free are we to express ourselves fully?

Marion Gilbert

Marion Gilbert, R.P.T., has been practicing physical therapy for 31 years and is the co-owner of a well-established physical therapy practice and movement studio in Grass Valley, CA. She has continued her career with extensive training in CranioSacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release and Trauma Resolution. She has been actively using the Enneagram professionally and personally for the past eight years. Marion is available for private interviews to help find out your type, as well as personal somatic sessions. She is currently teaching the Embodied Enneagram with Helen Palmer & David Daniels.

Upcoming Events

  • May 19 2018
    Family and Relational Constellation Workshop
    New York City
  • May 20 2018
    WIYS Diamond Walk Workshop
    New York City