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A fulfilling and satisfying relationship is important to all of us. Relationship challenges can be linked to the entanglements or invisible bonds with the fates of our ancestors. When this occurs, our relating can be taken over by negative experiences, fears and projections that do not belong to us. We can free ourselves from these invisible bonds by directing our attention to our parents and our ancestry. This brings the entanglements to light and provides new ways of understanding the often complex dynamics of relationship.

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Many times our relationships fail because the partner does not take the step from a boy to a man or from a girl to a woman. A son living in the sphere of his mother or a daughter to her father, rather stay lovers and mistresses, avoiding a deeper connection and a more satisfying committed union and partnership.

In a constellation we will facilitate experiencing the support of the male and female ancestors. Many report feeling this experience for the first time. This movement can be the key to more presence, bringing in more love, openheartedness and authenticity within your own relationship dynamics.

A constellation will also address those individuals who want to resolve old relationship concerns and want to be available for a new partner. In a constellation we would direct ourselves to the old partners with acknowledgment and care, initiating healing and completing the past, creating a clear path ahead for a more loving and joyful union.

The constellation approach is also a beautiful ritual and an excellent tool for couples who are getting married and want an adjunct to other forms of pre-marital counseling.

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